Green Cemetery

Muslim burials, similar to those in the Jewish faith and increasingly popular “green” burial practice, do not involve embalming and/or treatment of the deceased’s body with formaldehyde or other preservative chemicals. These chemicals used in conventional burials, as well as those used as wood and metal preservatives in the construction of coffins, are well-documented contaminants for the natural environment and groundwater with long lasting effects (see numerous resources on the web, including the links belows.)

In a traditional Muslim burial, the body of the deceased is washed at a funeral facility and shrouded in an untreated cotton sheet. It is then placed directly in the grave on dirt to allow quick and full bio-degradation in its natural state. Sometimes a cardboard or untreated plywood coffin may also be used. This is a natural process and, when conducted appropriately in accordance with state and local regulations, will not cause contamination of groundwater or other aspects of the environment.

The operation of cemeteries and burials is regulated by the California Health and Safety Code. The Cordoba cemetery will be operated and maintained by state licensed professionals. Green burials are an accepted practice under the Health and Safety Code. Information on green burials can be found at greenburialcouncil.org.