Project Timeline

Peaceful Rural Retreat

The Cordoba Center is located at 14065 Monterey Road in San Martin, near the northwest corner of Monterey Road and California Avenue. The site’s pastoral setting is ideal for peaceful worship, relaxing retreats, and community celebrations.

Spirit of Innovation and Collaboration

The project draws its inspiration from Córdoba, the capital city under Moorish rule in Spain known as the “European Jewel of the Middle Ages.” Home to Averroes and Maimonides, Córdoba was the greatest intellectual and cultural center in medieval Europe and a place where people of all faiths—including Muslims, Christians, and Jews—lived together in peace and harmony.

Córdoba produced some of the greatest scholars, philosophers, and scientific discoveries of all times that ultimately led to the European Renaissance. Similarly, we hope the Cordoba Center will also be a source of innovation, collaboration, and positive contribution to the larger community.

The Cordoba Center: Overcoming Opposition

The Cordoba Center project has faced opposition from a small but vocal group of local residents who are opposed to a Muslim place of worship in South County. Shortly after Santa Clara County granted a Land Use Permit for the project in September 2012, this group filed a lawsuit that claimed the County had failed to assess the environmental impact of the project’s potential growth over time.

In order to avoid a protracted legal battle, SVIC voluntarily relinquished the Use Permit and agreed to conduct a more extensive Environmental Impact Report (EIR). This required a new set of project plans to include anticipated growth over 15-20 years. Actual construction of the project will likely be done slowly over time.

Donate Now

We welcome the support of the local community as we seek to fulfill our dreams of building a beautiful place for our families to gather and worship. All donations are tax-deductible.